Hola Mohalla is celebrated by Sikh community across Globe

Hola Mohalla is celebrated by Sikh community across Globe


Together the words “Hola Mohalla” stands for “mock fight”.

The nearly 300-year old festival marks the transformation of the Sikhs into a martial fraternity by their tenth Guru (leader), Guru Gobind Singh, to counter the Mughal Empire ruling from Delhi.

Sikh martial exponents on horseback showcased their traditional art form with the swift movements of swords and sticks.

Visitors from across the world visit the holy Sikh shrine at Anandpur Sahib and also take part in Hola Mohalla.

The Hola Mahalla inaugurated on Wednesday with the religious town of Kirtan of the saints of Nirmal Akhara in Anandpur Sahib. There were about twenty thousand people in Kirtan. Anandpur Sahib is located in Rupnagar district of Punjab.  Around 35 lakh people will join the festival.


On this occasion, in the raging wave of the cannabis, the brave Nihang riding on horseback, lift the marks in the hand and show the courage of the swords, show a courageous display of courage, manhood, and glee.


Panj Piyara rides the colors while leading the procession and in the procession, the Nihangs’ ankharas see the feats of the bare swords, and the slogans of Nihal … raise their voices.

Hola Mohalla

Traditionally attired Nihangs, the title by which the army of the tenth Sikh Guru came to address. It is happened to be the centre of attraction at the gala event as they displayed their martial skills in the ancient warfare known as Gatka and fencing.


Hola Mohalla

Guru Gobind Singh started this festival as a day for Sikhs to practice their military exercises and hold mock battles. The most spectacular event at the Hola Mahalla is the magnificent procession of Nihangs on horses and elephants. And on foot carrying a variety of traditional and modern weapons and demonstrating their skill in using them.

hola mohalla

During the three days of Holla Mohalla, the grounding of shardai paste or “ragda” takes place at the Shaheedi Bagh.


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